Masterclass: Arrange A Wardrobe Like A Pro

Would you like to have more storage without having to go through an expensive renovation? Follow these practical organizational tips and become a storage space master. This way you will never again stare at a fully packed closet not knowing what to wear

Tip #1: Get rid of the mess
The first step in organizing closets is to get rid of clutter. Your closet should only contain the things that are right for you, that look good, are in good shape, and that you actually wear or use. When you remove all the useless things from the closet, you will find that it has a lot more space than you initially thought.

To use your closet space as efficiently as possible, think like interior designers from Manhattan – vertically. To get the most out of your closet walls, consider using numerous hangers and shelves. People often forget how useful the back of the closet door can be, as you can hang a variety of items by using hooks and hangers – from accessories to ties, belts, and scarves.
Tip #2: Store the things you use regularly nearby
This is the very reason why most people store their clothes in the bedroom and umbrellas, for example, in the hallway.

Tip #3: Never out of reach
Keep your everyday clothes in the center of your closet, and also put the clothes for special occasions in the corner of your closet. During the warmer months, move scarves, hats, gloves, and other clothing for cooler days from the lower and easily accessible shelves to the higher ones, or simply put them into boxes and in the back of the closet. However, if you are running low on space, it is advisable to keep seasonal clothes in the wardrobe and move everything else elsewhere – like in a drawer under your bed. 

Tip #4: Keep similar things together
Firstly, sort your clothes by type. Then you can go a step further and organize them by color. This may lead to the realization that you have too many pairs of pants of a particular color. Another hint: hang the short pieces together so you can get extra space underneath them. You can use this space to store other clothes, such as sweaters, etc.

Tip #5: Turn one shoe from each pair in the opposite direction
Even when storing shoes, you can save quite a bit of space by storing individual pairs on a heel-to-toe system instead of facing in the same direction. Just try it!

Tip #6: Double the space with can openers
A simple can opener can help you organize your closet too. Attach it to the metal part of the hanger, then hang an additional hanger through the second hole. This makes it easy to double the clothes hangers in your closet! 

Tip #7: Maintain the order
Reorganize your wardrobe every time the seasons change. A reorganization is in order with other big life events that require you to change your wardrobe, such as a new job, significant weight loss…

Take your time this weekend and tackle one of the overcrowded wardrobes. If this seems like too much of a bite to you, start by focusing on a part of the closet. Start by arranging the shelves first or reorganize only the hanging part of the closet. Enjoy the gained space!

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