How To Make Your Home A Healthier Place


Want a healthier home?  We prepared a list of simple tips and tricks which can start applying instantly!

1. Air all your rooms frequently. Even in colder seasons, try to air your rooms out at least once a day, with one exception. The rooms that have the highest levels of humidity - bathroom and kitchen - must be ventilated more often to balance out the humidity levels.

2. Store food in glass or ceramic. Ditch the plastic! Opting for glass or ceramic instead is actually healthier for you, as it is more likely to keep food fresher for longer and isn’t at risk of releasing any harmful chemicals. Not to mention the benefits of being more sustainable and also - they simply look fancier! You can even make a fun DIY project out of decorating them and maybe even create one for each family member?

3. Fan of candles? Make sure you choose the ones that will not emit hazardous substances into your living space.
PRO TIP! If you like to have an extra pleasant smell around your house, you can consider using real fruit instead. How about slicing some oranges and drying them? Not only will they give your space a nice fragrance, but also look wonderful. You can also make your own spray to refresh your space: put some water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle and voilà!

4. Make sure to dust your home regularly. Don’t forget about changing bedding and washing blankets and pillow cases quite often. Sometimes those that feature as room decorations - like those cushions that are just seen as part of the couch - tend to be off our radars when it comes to laundry day. Remember them as they are likely the proudest collectors of dust within your entire home. Choose the steam or anti allergy programme on your washing machine to make sure allergens and other impurities are efficiently removed.

5. Choose air-cleaning plants. Some plants have great superpowers to clean the air within your living space. Talk to a specialist about which one might serve you best depending on the conditions in your rooms (light levels, humidity etc.).
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