How to Make the Perfect Oven New Year's Recipes

Can you imagine New Year's eve and other important holidays without an oven? Well, at Gorenje we can't. Often, and especially at the most festive time of the year, the oven takes the center stage. It becomes the star of the kitchen, without which none of the following would be possible – turkey, cookies, pies, bread, cake, and all the other scrumptious meals that make New Year's eve one of our favorite days of the year. 

However, there’s always significant pressure to prepare a delicious dinner, especially if you have family and friends coming over. It takes a lot of planning, shopping, preparation and worrying whether something will go wrong and you’ll have to look for food deliveries that are open on New Year's eve (good luck with that). But have no fear, Gorenje ovens are here … here to bake, roast or grill. Here to take the stress away in preparing restaurant-worthy servings. Here are just some of the features our ovens have on the menu that will make cooking simpler, quicker and more delicious – for Christmas and beyond.


How fast is the FastPreheat function in our OptiBake ovens? Faster than Santa’s reindeers! The ovens reach up to 200 °C in only 5 minutes, making them one of the fastest on the market. Hurry up to see one of our ovens, the BOS6747A01X, and find out why this is beyond practical. 


Pizza for New Year's eve? Hey, we won't judge. But you can at least make it so pizzalicious that you'll end this year on a delicious note. Gorenje’s PizzaFunction enables baking temperature of up to 300 °C and this ho-ho-hotness is the secret to making perfect pizza every time. 


Gorenje’s FrozenBake technology allows you to put frozen or pre-prepared foods directly into the oven. You know what this means? It’s like the perfect time saver – you can prepare most of the recipes beforehand and spend New Year's day watching TV. When the guests arrive, you won't look like a tired and grumpy Grinch who hasn’t slept for days.


If there’s something on any oven’s “good list”, it is the AutoBake function. It provides fully automatic cooking programs and 22 delicious recipes to choose from. You simply choose the dish, weight and press smart, making ovens, such as the BSA6747A04BG perfect for beginners or first-time New Year's dinner hosts. 


If perfect, golden-brown crust on lasagnas, meat and potatoes is what makes your heart and tastebud sing, the oven BO6735E02X is exactly what you’re looking for.


Not all New Year's eve dishes are made alike. Some are more complicated than just putting them inside the oven. That's where Gorenje’s StepBake function comes in. It allows you to set parameters for 2 or 3 steps before baking starts and then automatically adjusts the process of changing the baking setting. 


We know you are probably going to check your phone during cooking, so why not also check on your oven? Our CoonectLife functions enables you to control and manage your oven via app on your mobile device, so you can even pop up for a quick drink with your neighbor while the oven cooks for you.

If there's one time of the year that really takes the toll on your cooking skills, it’s New Year's eve. But with Gorenje’s ovens, you will be able to focus on what the holiday season is all about … love and joy.

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