How to: Buy the right washing machine for you


Not all washing machines are created equal. The right washing machine will simplify your life while delivering best value for your money. To help you find just the right fit for you, we've compiled this simple guide:

How much space do you have for your washing machine? Before buying a washing machine, it's important to know where you’re going to place it. If you'll be putting the machine in a tight space, you might consider the slim versions that only require 43 cm of depth. 

How much clothes do you normally wash in a week? If you usually do large loads think about investing in a high capacity washing machine that is able to wash up to 10 kg of clothes in one load. If you only have a few items to wash each time, a smaller 6 kg washing machine will be more suitable.

How stained are usually the clothes you wash? If you need extra help in fighting stubborn stains, look for a washing machine with special, anti-stain programmes. Ion technology has also been proven as a very efficient way to eliminate stains even at low temperatures and without additional chemicals. 

Are you or your family prone to allergies? Some washing machines have programmes that use a higher temperature and extra rinsing to efficiently eliminate allergens and protect delicate skin.

How much do you hate ironing? Washing machines with steam programmes can soften the fibers, which significantly reduces wrinkles and minimizes the time needed for ironing. Bonus: steam can also reduce allergens and bacteria. 

Still can't decide? Anna, our virtual shopping assistant will be happy to help! You can talk to her here.

Life is complex. Let's make laundry simple. 

The new Gorenje WaveActive washing machines and tumble dryers combine the newest technology with simplicity of operation and high energy efficiency. 

Their uniquely designed WaveActive drum with special wave-shaped 3D ribs softens the fibres to provide perfectly clean and dry laundry that barely needs ironing. So you can spend your time on what’s really important.

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