Doing more by doing less

Setting New Year's resolutions on blue desk with coffee cup
A day has 24 hours. But when you spend 7 to 8 hours of it sleeping, and others for work, obligations and household chores, this time seems to slip through your fingers like grains of sand. Modern life demands you go through life within a framework of schedules and deadlines, leaving little or no time for rest or for doing things that give you joy. As being in constant active mode has become the new normal, you can quickly become stuck in an endless cycle of tasks, which consequently, also makes you less productive or creative. So, as you have just stepped into the New Year, you’ve probably made a list of resolutions. Here are three of the most common ones and how Gorenje will help you fulfil them – by giving you more time.

Resolution 1: Eat healthier

It’s no secret meal preparation ahead of time for later consumption saves time, labour and energy costs. But Gorenje refrigerators know the secret to keeping prep foods fresher for longer. You can prepare a salad on Sunday and eat it on Thursday when that work meeting was an hour longer than expected. You can spend extra time outside with your toddler on a sunny day, then make dinner in a flash, because the chopped veggies you put in the fridge last week are just as fresh as the day you bought them. As fresh as they were just plucked from the garden. Gorenje’s refrigerators with GardenFresh function transform the meat drawer into a garden where your fruits and veggies stay fresher for longer. The NRK6191ES4 model, for example, also comes with low temperature CrispZone drawer, designed to preserve nutrients for longer, so your food stays healthy. It also has one more function that will help you save time (and money) spent in the kitchen. It features NoFrost Plus which prevents ice and frost accumulation, which not only keeps the power consumption low but also makes time-consuming and strenuous defrosting a thing of the past.

Resolution 2: Spend more time with family and friends

We are all guilty of the same “crime”. In December, we try to toast to the New Year with all the people in our lives we cherish most. But this soon turns into gatherings that resemble speed-dating and ends with a promise that usually remains unkept: ‘We should do this again soon’. But as soon as January rolls around, we’re back to our busy lives and before we know it, another year passes by in a blink of an eye. That’s why Gorenje ovens are here to save the day. And time. And friendships. 
Socializing can be time-consuming. If nothing else, you arrange a meeting in a restaurant and lose time driving there and searching for parking space (not to mention dressing up when all you feel like wearing are cosy sweatpants and a messy bun).  But now, all you have to do is invite friends over, whenever you feel like seeing them and our ovens will help you prepare something to munch on in minutes. The oven BO6717E02WG features FrozenBake bake which does just what its name implies. It will prepare all frozen food or pre-prepared meals without you having to spend time having to thaw them first. All our OptiBake ovens also reach a temperature of up to 200 ˚C in just 5 minutes. This saves 30% of time needed by standard preheating and gives them the title of ‘One of the fastest ovens on the market’. You can let Gorenje do the baking, while you get all the scoop on everything that’s going on in your friends’ life. 

Resolution 3: Exercise more

This is a hard resolution to stick to and all types of excuses come very much in handy soon after the New Year countdown. It’s too cold outside to go for a run. I am already exhausted from work. I don’t have time because I have too many chores to do. So, let’s stop you right here. Because we can’t control the weather or help you take the load off (pun intended) at work, but we can help with your laundry load. Some of our washing machines, such as the WNEI82SDS, come with PowerWash 59‘ function that you wash your half load in less than an hour. Hopefully, this will motivate you to push yourself to do some exercise. Maybe we can interest you in a bit of competition? What will be faster? Your evening run or the washing machine? A round of bench presses, triceps dips and goblet squats at the gym or the washing machine? Learning a new asana in your online yoga class or the washing machine? Game on!

The main underlying idea behind every New Year’s resolution is to improve to improve your health, your relationships, your lives. To stop pushing away your dreams for that day you are going to have time. To start doing more of what makes you feel good by doing less of chores. At Gorenje, we believe that you don’t need more hours in the day … if you have our appliances.

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