Christmas Gifts That Keep on Giving

It's almost time for Santa to start opening letters with wishes that will make this Christmas season even more special. But at Gorenje, we have already written to him for some suggestions and he replied! In his letter, he actually asked us for a small favor – to try to make the gifts on our list and consequently - Santa’s job - more sustainable. So, here are some eco-friendly present ideas that you can gift to your loved ones.  With them, you can also show your love for the planet by making them all by yourself. And before you stop reading in fear of being overwhelmed with all the work - they are super easy and quick to do.

Homemade deodorant

Christmas has a special scent. Although it is slightly different to everyone, the favorite season usually smells of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, snow, hot wine or hot chocolate, ginger, and vanilla. To make a vanilla deodorant that will smell like joy and magic, all you need are four ingredients. In a bowl, mix ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of organic cornstarch. Add 6 tablespoons of coconut oil and mash together using a fork until the mixture is well-combined. Add a few drops of vanilla essential oil and voila – the deodorant is ready to be put in small glass jars or other containers and given as a gift. 

Painted wine bottles

Upcycling is definitely on our (and Santa’s) eco-friendly list. You probably have empty wine bottles at your home that you haven't found time to recycle yet.  Now, you can turn them into beautiful gift vases. All you need is a little paint and a little bit of imagination. First, remove the labels from the bottles with warm water and soap and dry. Then use spray paint or acrylic paint and a paint brush. Choose colors you like to create beautiful, stylish designs, whether minimal or more intricate. 

Wrapping paper

This last one is not really a gift per se, but when we think about it, single-use wrapping paper (that gets torn and thrown away immediately after unwrapping) greatly burdens the environment. So, whatever you will gift your loved ones this year, use eco-friendly gift-wrapping alternatives, like old magazines and newspaper that you probably already have lying at home. 

Christmas gifts are a wonderful thing. Preserving the environment is a wonderful thing. Therefore, eco-friendly gifts are double the wonderful. By giving the gifts that keep giving, you may also inspire your loved ones to do the same in the future – which will make future Christmases and the future of our planet better.

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