Can home appliances match your style?

The answer is yes! Because your home appliance doesn't have to be just plain white. Whether you love glamour, minimalism or vivid colours, you can choose washing machines, tumble dryers, fridge freezers, etc. In a colour that will match your home decor and your personality perfectly. 

1. For the daring: If you want to liven up your space, go for red, as it's a warm, energetic and positive colour. A red refrigerator, washing machine or tumble dryer will fill you with energy no matter what. If red on red is too much for you, you can always tone it down with shades of green.

2. For the glamourous: A symbol of glamour, gracefulness, and elegance, silver will make every space look sophisticated. It enhances the wooden elements and perfectly complements soft pastel shades as well as bold and bright tones.
3. For minimalists: Black is always elegant and trendy. If you love minimalistic style, black appliances in combination with white furniture and simple clean lines will be just the thing for you. Is black and white too cold for you? Combine black with wooden elements for a warmer ambient.

4. For traditionalists: There's nothing wrong with traditional ways. A white washing machine is a sign of simplicity and freshness and can be very unobtrusively installed in any space. 

Mix and match

The Gorenje Colour Collection offers a wide range of colourful options for cooling, washing and drying. All appliances offer an exceptional user experience and are made to save time, energy and water. And on top ofthat, they are dressed in life’s most beautiful colours!

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