Breathe easy: what are the right humidity levels for your home

Central heating can cause extremely low relative humidity in your house. This is due to the fact, that warmer air can hold much more moisture than cold air, so when the air heats up, it starts to suck the moisture from its environment (plants, walls, books, paintings, furniture, even human bodies). Ensuring the right humidity level in your home will keep your skin hydrated, your nasal passages healthy and also do wonders for your mood.

When the air is too dry:
A rule of thumb for keeping air balanced is 30–50 % air humidity. If you keep humidity above 30 %, you can normally turn down your thermostat a few notches. Your heated air will feel warmer, creating a safer and more efficient environment. To humidify the air, you can simply put wet towels over the radiators, or even better, use a humidifier that allows you to set the desired humidity level. 

When the air is too humid:
There is also a reason why it’s good to keep the humidity under 50 %, even if it's not so obvious. When the relative humidity of a home climbs above 50 %, dust mites begin to multiply rapidly. This can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. When the relative humidity of a home reaches 75 %, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for fungi and mold, that can cause asthma attacks and rhinitis (inflammation of mucous membranes of the nose) in some people. Good ventilation can help fight the increased humidity levels. 

It’s also a good idea to reduce the humidity setting if moisture forms on windows, walls, etc. or if there is dampness around the area of your humidifier. But if this happens just temporarily due to cooking or showering, you don’t have to worry. Just keep in mind, breathing easier and feeling more relaxed will help your well-being. 

Fresh air for your family

Gorenje humidifiers provide your home with better air quality and humidity. They protect the whole family from dry air discomfort, breathing problems and stuffy noses. The right level of humidity reduces the problems caused by static electricity. But it’s not just about humidity. Optimal air quality makes everybody feel relaxed and invigorated. Using a Gorenje humidifier will take care of the well-being in your home.

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