7 Ways To Feel Hygge At Home All Year Long

Definition: Originating from Denmark, Hygge is difficult to translate into other languages, but we’ll try! It describes a mood - whether it’s an ordinary or extraordinary moment - of coziness and contentment. It’s commonly described as being “comfortable conviviality”, essentially feeling relaxed as well as lively and surrounded by friendliness. More importantly - it’s pronounced hue-guh, not hoo-guh!

Hygge is classically associated with winter-time and colder seasons, but nothing is stopping you from bringing some Hygge values into your life all year round. Here we give you some super simple tips for feeling Hygge no matter the season!

Quality time with friends & family. Sometimes the best evenings are simply being surrounded by nearest & dearest. Don’t plan anything, stock up on some delicious drinks and easy-to-eat, zero-preparation foods and let the conversation flow. You’ll be surprised how little material things you need around to have a good time when you’re with those closest to you! 
In the warmer part of the year, you don’t have to stay inside. You can spend time with family and friends out in the fresh air doing something as simple as a picnic in the garden.

Be present, in the moment - have some time without distractions (phones, TV etc.) - aim to check off your must-do jobs off your list (like laundry), or simply put it on a timer so you don’t have any house work on your mind while you relax. This will help you to really be in the moment.

Simple pleasures - that favorite snack, a drink or even a place. Take your time, savor it and once again, just enjoy the moment.

Flowers can change your whole mood. Brighten up your home and bring your mood up by keeping fresh flowers around the home. As table settings, by the window or get creative with the family and do some crafts using flowers.

We can do this by making more time for these Hygge moments. Also by being appreciative of those around us, and the pleasure we can get from simply being at home.

Create that warm, cosy atmosphere. There’s nothing better than an open fire - but during the spring and summer. You can also recreate this warmth of a cosy evening outside with blankets and fairy lights decorating the space, or inside in a den created with bed sheets and filled with cushions.

Cosy, soft, oversized clothes. YES. Doesn’t have to be a super thick winter jumper, simply something oversized and ultra comfortable can help your body to relax and feel freed.

It seems Hygge is a lot about simple pleasures that we just need to give more time to. By even bringing in some of these Hygge lifestyle changes into our everyday lives, we can live a simpler, more hassle-free life.
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