7 Tips To Work From Home Distraction-Free

Being able to work from the comfort of your home can be super relaxing and enable you to focus on getting things done. Here’s a handful of valuable tips and tricks to make your home office a more peaceful and productive space for your next work-from-home day.
1. Background music - Before you start your day, put on some background music that isn’t distracting but breaks the silence or covers some background noise you might have at home. Perhaps something without lyrics that doesn’t take your focus away from your work.

2. Smart check lists
- Break down tasks before you begin into actionable items. Clear and achievable tasks make for a more successful working day. Display your check list of tasks visually on a board so you can SEE your progress as you make your way through tasks. It’s motivating and gives a feeling of satisfaction, which will only add to your productivity!

3. Timer for tasks - There are some cool apps and gadgets you can get now for super simple time tracking and setting small deadlines. This can make sure you stick to your schedule and don’t spend too long on one task. It will help to motivate you to focus on completing your task in time so you can check it off and move on to the next.
4. Schedule in household chores - Some chores around the home might be unavoidable. This could be walking your dog or washing some laundry. Set aside time beforehand and stick to this. If it can be done before the working day starts, go for this option! This will keep it off your mind so you can more easily focus on the tasks at hand.

5. Share your schedule! - Not only with remote colleagues but with family or flatmates. This way you’ll be more committed to sticking to your plan for the day and other people at home know when they can bother you :)

PRO TIP! What about having a little “do not disturb” sign on your door or near your space if you have younger ones at home? It can reassure you that you will have less chance of these distractions unless it’s an emergency!
6. Reward yourself with distractions - Just like at an office, it will be tempting to pick up your phone, take a detour onto a social site or start looking into that holiday you’re planning. Even more so at home when you have no-one looking over your shoulder. Instead you can set aside short breaks after you have completed so many tasks on your list for these distractions as a little reward. This way you can look forward to checking off some tasks and are less inclined to deviate when you know you can take this time for yourself soon!

PRO TIP! Turn off or silence social and app notifications (except for the urgent things) before starting your working day to eliminate distracting moments. 

7. Have a morning routine - Working from home doesn’t mean the working day begins as soon as you’re out of bed. Set aside time for a morning routine - just for you - without being tempted to check your emails over breakfast. This will help avoid the feeling of being working for too long and clocking-out too early. It will also help you to relax and go into the working day with a more energized mind.
PRO TIP! Don’t stay in your pajamas! Another temptation when staying in the comfort of your home - but simply getting dressed can change your demeanour and productivity at your home office.

PLUS: Set yourself a starting and finishing time, and stick to it! When doing home office it’s common to work too long without a commute to do. So decide on your working day beforehand and maybe even set a timer.
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