6 Upcycling Hacks To Organize Your Kitchen

Recycling, eco-cycling, upcycling. We like all of those as they have one common red thread: caring about the environment. How do we upcycle in style and make it fun, simple and useful at home?

For those of you who enjoy DIY or would love to give it a try, we have prepared a list of things you could do in the kitchen to spice up the style as well as create some space-saving storage - using materials and items we all have and possibly rarely use or often throw away after using.

1. Collect jars (for example, jam jars or baby food jars) for storing spices and other dried foods. You can think about decorating them as well!

PRO TIP! You can make painting those jars a fun family event. Just pick up a few water-proof paints and get creative!

2. Wooden crates or planks lying around? Create additional shelving space with a rustic look by fixing them to walls - or simply add nails to wood boards and use to hang up pans or utensils.
3. An old bike wheel (the inner part with spokes) laid flat and hung (securely!) from the ceiling can be a cool pots and pans hanger!

4. Old picture frames can become your families’ menu board in the kitchen. Pick up some whiteboard pens or paint the glass with chalkboard surface paint and write on the weekly menu for everyone to anticipate meals.

5. Old cutlery can be turned into a number or things - particularly cool as wall hooks for cups, coats or utensils or even a place to put important notes.

6. If you have some old books - instead of throwing them out you could turn them into a knife block with a chic look for your kitchen countertop. Simply stack 4-5 old books, tie them together with some string, stand upright and slide the knives between the pages.

Make memories: built-in ovens

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