6 Big Ideas for Tiny Spaces

The magic of small homes is how we make the most of tiny spaces with every square inch used in a clever, well-thought out way. Here are some tips on how to use your available space as efficiently as possible.

1. Double-Duty Furniture is Key. Choose versatile pieces that will serve two or more purposes at the same time: a coffee table with extra storage, a wooden bar that also separates the kitchen from the living area, a bed with drawers, a multi-function oven, a washer-dryer. This way you will not only save space, but also money, since you don't have to buy two separate items.

2. Have You Thought About Hanging Wall Storage? Empty walls can be the perfect storage location that will give your place a unique touch – without taking up any counter or floor space. Similarly, you can use doors as well. If you are a hands-on person and love to create on your own, this can turn out to be one of your favourite DIY projects.
3. Go for Tailor-Made Furniture. A floor-to-ceiling fitted shelving unit, a custom wardrobe closet structure with well-thought out space for all your belongings, a fold-out dining table; custom furniture is a very worthwhile investment that will make sure every nook and cranny of your place lives up to its full potential.

4. What About a Loft Bed? A loft bed looks cool and is extremely practical. It creates a cozy ambient by framing the living room area, doesn't take up much of your very precious space and you will gain a peaceful sleeping area.

5. Don’t Forget the Corners! When used to their advantage, corners can be functional and look impressive in a tiny space. We challenge you to transform one of your corners into a photo wall, reading nook or even your home office.

6. Embrace minimalism. Less is more and having a tiny home can be a big advantage: less to clean, lower expenses and a cozy atmosphere. Since the lack of space will force you to declutter and thoroughly contemplate all new purchases anyway, you might find that owning less can actually help you live with more joy and freedom.

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