5 simple ideas for cosy autumn evenings at home


Summer is officially over and we’ve entered the colder half of the year. With the colder and longer evenings, we usually spend more time indoors. To make them as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home with the following tips.

Light scented candles. Nothing sets the mood for a cosy evening in like candlelight. Put them on shelves, window stills and coffee tables, then sit back and enjoy the soft light and delicious smell they diffuse. If you want to add some therapeutic benefits, choose a candle with essential oils. Go for rich and warm scents, such as bergamot, frankincense and amber, which capture the aroma of a crackling open fire. 

Cook a delicious dinner. Plan in advance, search for a recipe you haven’t tried before, and take on the challenge with your partner or kids. Maybe there’s a recipe your grandmother used to make that you want to recreate, or an ambitious three-course meal from your favorite celebrity chef? Make an ordinary evening special with a fun bonding activity for the whole family. To make up for the time spent prepping all the food, make more than you need and freeze the rest for an easy weeknight meal a few days later.

Put on some music. Depending on your mood and preferences, it could either be something that will make you dance around (Who said it was difficult to exercise during the cold months?) or a soft background music to relax even more while you enjoy your evening on the couch with a glass of perfectly chilled wine and a good book.

Bake festive treats. Whether you want to bake Christmas cookies as gifts for your friends and family, or you’ve merely decided chocolate brownies are just the thing to pair with that glass of wine, the heavenly smell of baked goods will make your home smell so good you’ll never want the long winter evenings to end. 

Dress for the occasion. Make sure you're as comfortable as possible, that is. Find those warm woolen socks, cosy joggers and a snug sweater. Throw a few blankets on the sofa. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the water for your dryer's steam programme to make them smell extra cosy. Now all there’s left to do is choose a good movie to watch!

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