5 Easy Steps To Make Your Bathroom Ready For “Me” Time

For many of us, our bathroom should not only be the place to take quick showers, put some makeup on and leave in a hurry. It can be a place where you can also unwind after a hard day at work and where you can indulge in beauty rituals on your day off. We all had a vision for our bathroom once. It was going to be our haven, our own private spa. We may have lost this vision among our numerous other responsibilities, routines and priorities around the home - but we can bring it back together.

We’ve prepared some tips on how to make your bathroom cozier, how to restore its beauty and how to turn it into your favorite place on earth again. Your own little kingdom and tranquil oasis - the only room with a door you can lock and transport yourself into your own universe, even just for a little while. 

1. Decluter. Invest some time in reviewing all your items including cosmetics and check if they are still okay to use. The ones that are clearly not can be tossed out right away - with no sentiment!

Check if any of the decor items are just cluttering the space or really add to the style of your space. If they’re just wasting space, or you don’t even like them anymore, toss them - again, leave sentiment at the door!

PRO TIP! Pack all the items that are still fine to use, in decent condition and you haven’t used for years and organize a little giveaway for your friends. Same for decor accessories. You can make your friends happy while clearing up some space in your bathroom. Win win!

PRO TIP! If you have a hard time getting rid of unnecessary stuff, do it in a series of rounds. Start with the most obvious ones, and a couple of days later try again. It might be helpful to set a time limit for yourself. Let’s say 30 minutes to declutter. This should be enough time to avoid overthinking when it comes to deciding whether this is a “truly sentimental item” or not.
2. Refresh. Now your space is free from unnecessary things, it’s time to refresh it - here’s a couple of simple ideas that will transform it without spending a fortune.

  • If your bathroom has a window, think about changing the blind for a new one which would make the space look cozier and simply fresher. This one small element can totally change the look of your bathroom.
  • How about a set of new color-matching towels? Fresh towels that are color/pattern co-ordinated can make your space look even more organized and will definitely make it more pleasurable to use them.

3. Create ambience by bringing in natural elements as well as mood-setters to help you escape and bring a calm state of mind.

  • Add a couple of candles. Always the simplest way to create a zen atmosphere in your bathroom.
  • Plants! It’s easy to overdo it with plants, but having at least one will add some green life to your bathroom and help you feel you are really escaping. We recommend a succulent type that will thrive in humid spaces.

4. Add useful elements that compliment your bathroom style and that can also help you to switch off and relax in comfort.

  • Find the right space to put a small radio or wireless speaker (we’re sure you have a spare one somewhere in your home) in your bathroom. Just to be safe, waterproof ones can be found in most places! There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a shower or a bath with your favorite, calming tunes.
If you have a bath think about organizing a secure stand for a book or favorite magazine to indulge in. 

5. Start with me time - your “me” time should be an event you set as regularly as possible - ideally a daily event, even if for just 15-20 minutes. No matter if you’re single or married, with or without kids, try to plan your “me” time during the week and stick to it. Trust us, it will soon become one of the most anticipated moments in your day or week.

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