Tips for drama-free cooking

In a world where everything revolves around productivity and time management, it can be a challenge to stay motivated to create new and exciting meals every day. All it takes is one exhausting day at work  and ordering in becomes too appealing to resist. But with out collection of hacks home made meals will be prepared faster than you can decide if you want to order Italian or Chinese. 

1. Organize your pantry. You can simplify your cooking by only keeping the ingredients you actually like and use regularly. Stock up on bases like grains, legumes, rice, pasta and meat to create a few staple meals.

You can always have canned beans or chickpeas on hand for a quickly prepared side dish. Clean out expired ingredients and donate those you are sure you won’t use.

2. Find one-pot recipes that you love. Whether it is a vegetable risotto or a chicken curry, you can save prep time and eliminate most of the cleaning by simply tossing everything into one pot. 
A hob that automatically detects the size of the pot and joins cooking zones if necessary can even further simplify the cooking process and if family members eat at different times, you can use the StayWarm function to keep the dish warm at a constant temperature. 

3. Make your kitchen work for you.
 If you often repeat your favourite recipes, a smart oven or microwave can save you the hassle of always having to choose the settings. Once you've perfected your banana bread recipe, your oven will remember the settings you used and suggest them next time. 
4. Plan your meals and cook in batches. Try to come up with at least a rough idea of your weekly meals and shop accordingly.

Make use of the special fridge compartments, like vegetable drawers or meat and fish drawers to ensure your food retains its nutrients and avoid wasting the food that goes bad quickly.

Freezing is also a good option for those days when you simply haven't got enough energy to deal with cooking a full meal.

5. Spice up your life. Spices are a great way to add flavour to dishes without increasing the calories and going heavy on the cream, salt, butter or sugar.

Find a few that complement your favourite types of meat and vegetables and keep them on your spice rack.

Freshly ground spices can liven up a basic dish and keep things fun and interesting.

6. Clean as you cook. Especially useful in a tiny kitchen, but this tip will save you time no matter the amount of countertop space you have available. As your food is cooking, put the measuring cups in the dishwasher, put ingredients and spices away and wipe down the surfaces.

An easy-to-clean oven and microwave will decrease cleaning time significantly and ensure you never skip it.

Look for environment friendly options that use water to soften any stains and make removal effortless. Enjoying your meal in a clean kitchen will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation for further cooking adventures.
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