How much to use? Shopping guide per person



Meat Cuts (roasts, legs, loin, etc): 200-300g
Boneless cuts: 125-175g
Stewed beef: 75-100g
Chopped meat and sausages: 150-100g
Lunch meats (warm dishes): 75-100g

Duck: 600-800g
Hens: 350-400g
Turkey: 350-400g
Wild pheasant: 500g
Rabbit: 300-350g


Salmon, scaled, gutted: 200-300g
Salmon, smoked: 50-75g 
Flounder filets: 150-200g
Herring, marinated: 50-75g
Eel, scaled, gutted: 250-300g


Crab claws: 4-5 pcs.
Mussels: 10-12 pcs.
Shrimp for open-faced sandwiches, shelled: 75g
Shrimp for open-faced sandwiches, unshelled: 150-200g
Oysters: 6-12 pcs

Potatoes, unpeeled: 150-250g
Potatoes, unpeeled  for mashed potatoes, etc: 200-300g
Pasta, fresh: 125-150g
Pasta, dried: 75-100g
Rice: ½ - 1 ½ dl


Guardians of vitamins: Refrigerators IonGeneration

Although not used for cooking, Gorenje refrigerators are the hub of every kitchen. They are tasked with a simple mission – make sure your favourite food is always available. But Gorenje refrigerators can do much more. They feature smart technologies to mimic the conditions similar to those found in nature, which keeps the food fresh, tasty, and full of vital nutrients for longer.

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