In the Mood for Steak And It's Raining Outside?

Is the current situation keeping you at home or indoors? Well, don’t let it keep you from a great grilling experience. Luckily, there are some easy ways to enjoy a home grill as well. All you need is an induction hob, induction pan, and some delicious food, of course.

Introducing induction grilling

Once you’ve tried induction grilling you might not want to go back to classic grilling, especially if you won’t miss preparing the open fire and the smoke that comes with it. There is also usually less hassle of cleaning up, compared to an outdoor grill. The induction hob works differently as it generates a magnetic field, only heats the bottom of the pan while the remaining hob surface stays cool and always safe to touch. Temperature is adjusted instantly, by a simple touch, making all temperature sensitive tasks a piece of cake.
Now, we know what you're thinking: But I need to prepare a lot of food! Don't worry, some induction hobs, like the Gorenje OmniFlex, can connect two vertical cooking zones into one, creating one large cooking surface that's big enough for cast-iron grill plate.

Tips for the juiciest steak:
1. No matter what meat you will prepare for grilling we suggest you marinate it first. And since oil is usually an essential part of the marinade , there won't be any need to oil the pan as well. 

2. Take the meat out of the fridge before cooking it so that it reaches room temperature. This way the meat will be evenly cooked. 

3. Depending on what types of meat you’ll be grilling, set the temperatures accordingly. Medium heat is fine for chicken, but steaks will require a bit more.  

4. Don't overcook the meat or you will end up with dry steak that nobody will want to eat. Some hobs have automatic programmes (like the Gorenje IQgrill) that help you prevent the food from burning and you can even chose from different levels of doneness. 

5. Let it rest for a few minutes before cutting into it. This way, the fibers will have enough time to expand and reabsorb the juices. 

6. If you really want to impress your guests, use a sous vide stick to slowly cook the meat at a low temperature first, then finish off by searing it in the pan. Due to the long cooking time the meat will be perfectly cooked, juicy and tender.

Induction hobs in tune with your cooking style

Whether preparing a meal for yourself or cooking for the whole family, Gorenje OmniFlex induction hobs deliver a truly streamlined cooking experience every time. With a myriad of finely tuned features that simplify your interaction with the cooking surface, preparing meals has never been more simple, intuitive or convenient.

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