Plastic, aluminium foil, or container: How to keep your food fresh?


Packaging isn’t just a practical consideration. Even environmental and food health officials agree on that. Food, leftovers and packed lunches have to be kept hygienically and with as little impact on the environment as possible. We’ve simplified it for you.

How to keep half an onion fresher longer: Butter the onions

Next time you have a partial onion left over from your meatball recipe or tomato salad, don’t reach for the foil or wrap, reach for the butter. A half onion stays fresh longer when it is buttered. And, butter doesn’t hurt the environment. We don’t recommend the same procedure for other foods.

Getting your green tomatoes to ripen: Gas them.

By putting the tomatoes in a bag, it speeds up the ripening process because the bag retains the gas. The holes in the bag provide circulation allowing the ethylene to work better. Should you run out of plastic bags, apples, plums, peaches and pears also emit ethylene, so you can just place them near one of these.

Keep your lemons fresher longer: Wrap them up and chill them

Lemons stay fresh longer if you wrap them in aluminium foil and place them in the refrigerator. But, only whole lemons! The juice from cut lemons can dissolve the foil and give off a bitter iron taste because they have an acidy PH value. The same holds true for other sour foods such as pickles, half tomatoes and pickled beets. Sour “open” foods are best stored in glass, porcelain or plastic bowls covered with plastic wrap.

Get your bananas to ripen faster: Rough ’em up a little

Unless you speed up the ripening process, they’ll be no banana cake. You do this by bruising the bananas. Either by rolling them in a moist kitchen towel or, if you need many bananas, putting them in a large plastic bag and knocking the bag lightly against the edge of the kitchen counter. The bananas will ripen shortly.

The best way to store bread: In a bag with a raw potato

Bread goes stale quickly. If you’re tired of using your practically fresh baked or “fresh bought” bread for bird feed or croutons, follow this old advice: Keep bread in a plastic bag with a raw, peeled potato. The potato adds the needed moisture that prevents it from getting dry, and stays fresh longer.

Keeping your sweets from sticking together: Add sugar

Here's a good piece of advice to remember for all you candy lovers. Don’t you hate when hard candies stick together in a big lump? You bang and thump and use a lot of energy to get just a little piece of candy - all the while your mouth is watering. There is an easier and sweeter way. Sprinkle a little sugar over the candies and put the can in the fridge. The sugar (or powdered sugar) individually coats the candies so they cannot stick together. 


Guardians of vitamins: Refrigerators IonGeneration

Although not used for cooking, Gorenje refrigerators are the hub of every kitchen. They are tasked with a simple mission – make sure your favourite food is always available. But Gorenje refrigerators can do much more. They feature smart technologies to mimic the conditions similar to those found in nature, which keeps the food fresh, tasty, and full of vital nutrients for longer.

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