How to achieve favourable gastronomic experiences? The 10 gourmet principles.


1. Use only the best ingredients. They are the heart of the meal. How do you find the best ingredients? Use your senses when you fill your basket. Smell, feel, listen, look.

2. Don’t shop on the day you’re expecting guests. Why subject yourself to the stress of not finding the ingredient in the stores on the same day?

3. Keep it simple. The simpler the better. Cooking is not difficult.

4. Sharpen your knives before you start. After your hands, the knife is the most important tool. It is better to have 1 good knife than several dull ones. Remember to wash the knife with soap and hot water when switching between foods.

5. Give yourself enough time to enjoy yourself while you work. Cooking should not be a chore but enjoyed. If you’re a control freak, plan the process and review the recipe beforehand so no unexpected surprises come up.

6. Compromise. If you’re pressed for time don’t be afraid to use the canned beans in the stew, a good store-bought dressing on the salad and pre-boiled potato boats from the freezer. Good cooks are those that are not to fanatic.

7. Be good to yourself and think “I’m doing great, this is going to be delicious!” Negative energy has no place in the kitchen.

8. Season as you go along and think of the whole meal. Look for contrasts when you put together your menu: crisp, soft, warm, cold, spicy, mild, chocolate brown, strawberry red, yellow and blue. Your sense of taste and sight crave new experiences.

9. Let the meat rest after frying, it retains its moisture and all the juice doesn’t run out when you cut it. Needless to say bloody meat juice that mixes with your wonderful sauce on the plate isn’t very appetizing.

10. Let the guests wait for the food, don’t let the food wait for the guests. Keeping the food warm is the food’s demise. Always start with the thing that takes the longest before the guests arrive. Then you can concentrate on herbs and fragile vegetables and everything else that has to be served quickly.

We make it simplified. You make it perfect.

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