The easiest way to get kids to do chores


Getting your kids to help out around the house doesn't have to be a constant power struggle. Here are five tips that will help you get your kids doing their chores in no time without yelling. Guaranteed!

1. Be persistent. Introducing new duties to kids might spark some initial resistence. Especially if they were used to having you do everything for them. But stay persistent and soon you will see a change in their behaviour. 

2. Make it a game. Turn matching socks into a national championship or picking up toys into a superhero rescue mission. Not only will the task get done in half the time with less hassle, but you and your kids will have fun in the process. 

3. Let go of your high standards. So all the T-shirts won't be folded quite in the same way and there might be a speck of dust left here and there. Resist the urge to go "Here, let me do it." and watch your kids become responsible and competent individuals.

4. Praise! People love to be praised for their work for  and kids are no exception. So make sure they know what a wonderful job they are doing and how happy you are because they're helping. 

5. Positive motivation. Sticker charts, an extra book before bedtime or even an occasional piece of candy can sometimes do wonders for the working morale.  Some might call it a bribe, we call it getting stuff done. 

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