Simplify Your Kid's Life - 3 Top Tips

Parenting blogs are now filled with creative and “must try” ideas for extracurricular activities that will make a little superhero out of your kid. BUT, if you feel you’re losing track of your kid’s schedule (even when using most sophisticated tools), it’s time to revisit it in the first place. If this all is confusing for you, imagine how your kid feels. Let’s simplify your precious one’s life together. In turn, your life will feel simplified too! Here are some tips we have collected for you to start with.

1.Organize some toy decluttering - you can organize a giving-away-toys day together with your kid. First select the toys that they don’t play with anymore and if they are still in good shape, share them with family, friends or donate them. It can be a good “letting go” exercise!

PRO TIP! You can dedicate one basket that’s always there and welcomes the toys that your child has outgrown or that are not in their top list anymore. You can let your child write a goodbye letter to each toy to teach them the value of things and to treasure memories! Maybe even take a picture commemorating it?

PRO TIP! How about rotating the toys between your kid’s friends or your family? In that way, you can keep the amount of toys to a minimum and keep the selection fresh for your child by exchanging them regularly. A little sharing economy within your own household!

2. Distraction-free time - set time aside in the day or week where your kid is not constrained by any schedule and can have the freedom for creative play and exploration. How about a tech-free play date? Remember that you don’t have to always keep your child stimulated. Let go and you will see how resourceful they can be with just a little imagination.

3. Create nice traditions that your kid will look forward to. Anything that brings the family together is a cool tradition. What could be something specific you can do every Sunday or during the holidays? How about family dinners together? A bit of familiar rhythm is good for your family!

PRO TIP! For an event to be cool, it doesn't need to happen outside of your house. The best memories are usually created at home. Just let go and let things happen! Your family can surprise you with their creativity.


We all have “too much” of a lot of things these days. Too much information, too much choice and too much to do. Take a look at where your family could cut down on what you have “too much” of, and create a plan together of how to do that! 
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