Mommy, mommy, can I help?

How many times have you heard this question: “Mommy, mommy, can I help?” Or was it maybe the alternative: “Daddy, daddy, I wanna help?” When kids are young, they look up to their parents and are thrilled to be their personal assistants. Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to teach your child do chores. Not only will you be teaching them invaluable skills but you will be creating priceless memories for your family. 

Bathtub cleaning. Cleaning the bathtub can be such fun for kids. But first you need to make it really dirty. Use finger paint and encourage the kids to use their imagination.  When finished, turn on the water. Announce that you are now competing who will be the first to remove all the paint, using a mild detergent.

Matching socks.  After the end beep of your tumble dryer, ask your little one to help you match the socks. In the meantime, you can talk about whose socks they are and what color. Show them also how to fold socks and be amazed at how soon folding socks will become history for you.
Making coffee. Kids bringing you coffee to bed on a Sunday morning doesn’t need to be just wishful thinking. It's true that they can't do it when they're still very little, but you can involve them in the process of making coffee quite early on. Invite them to help you, ask them to take coffee cups and saucers to the table or add sugar to the cups.

Mirror cleaning. Kids love to look at themselves in the mirror. Offer them a cleaning rag and a spray bottle, containing warm water mixed with some white vinegar. Then just wait and you’ll see how happy they will be to clean all of the mirrors in your home. 

Changing bed sheets. When changing bed sheets, ask your little one to help you carry the sheets into the washing machine. Your young assistant will be happy to help and the smile on his face will become even broader if you let him press the start button on your washing machine.

Gorenje WaveActive washing machines are made to get the dirty work done in an effective, easy-to-handle and eco-friendly manner. 

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  • Uniquely designed drum with special wave-shaped 3D ribs for the softest garments treatment
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