Kids, Toys, And Order? Yes, They Can Fit in The Same Sentence.


Maybe you find it hard to imagine, but it is possible to have children and a clean house. The only thing that is required of you is to be resourceful when storing toys. With a little inspiration, you can refresh your home with practical boxes, baskets, sub-drawers, hammocks and the clutter will disappear on its own.

Where there are children, there are toys. These take up a lot of space, and when scattered around, they occupy almost every possible corner. This is not only visually disturbing, but it can also be dangerous. Just ask anyone who unexpectedly stepped on a Lego piece in the middle of the night.

Does it sound familiar? It's time to take control of your kids' barn and free up the house from toys’ occupation. The key to success is the order: each toy has to have its own space. Different baskets, boxes, and chests for toys are not expensive and can be incorporated into any interior. Check these out:

Use a ladder with shelves
A ladder with shelves can fit into the living room, the playroom or the children's room. You can put several boxes on the shelves, which offer plenty of storage space. You can also attach a sticker to each box to make it easier for children to clean up the toys.

Hanging tower
If you do not have space on the floor, look toward the ceiling. Install a suspension tower to get rid of toys that would otherwise roll under your feet. Its net can hold lighter toys, such as teddy bears and balls. When the net is not in use, it can be fully compressed and folded

A classic that always works
There is nothing more convenient for storing toys than cubed shelves. You can get such furniture at almost any furniture store. You can also buy matching boxes available in a variety of colors. Children’s books fit on these shelves just as good as toys do.

What are the doors for?
You can use the backside of the door (on the inside of the room) to store plush toys. You can even tell your child that he/she should only have as many toys as there are pockets and effectively limit the number of toys. You can also hang a plastic laundry basket on the wall next to the door. When a toddler wants to play with its contents, you can simply remove the basket from the wall and the toys are readily available.

A wall garage
Roll up your sleeves and make your own shelves – to store automotive toys for example. Attach them to the wall and the wall garage is done. Alternatively, you can find yourself mounting several rectangular magnetic bars on the wall. Due to the magnetic force, the little cars suck up on their own.

Just about anything fits under the bed
Another often unused space is under the bed. An under-bed drawer can accommodate a large number of toys along the entire length of the bed, but you can also place several smaller boxes underneath it too.

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