How to plan your summer travels

The smell of summer. The feel of summer breeze. The colours of the sea. The view over sunlit summer mountains. Daydreaming? Why not turn your yearning for summer adventures into action? Here are some useful tips on how to start planning your summer vacations just now. Do you know that your best summer is yet to come? :) 

Date. Work or study obligations normally don’t stop during the summertime. Summer might be an easier time of the year regarding your to-do list, but still you most probably can’t just say "I’m off" one day and then go on holidays. Check it with your colleagues at work or school, check timetables of your dearest ones and pick the date that will best suit you all.

Budget. Budgeting might not be your favourite task, but it’s an important element of your vacation planning. Check your finances and estimate how much money you could still save until the day of departure. Let’s face it, your summer destination depends on the money available. 
Destination. Since it’s only winter, you still have much time to choose the best destination for this summer. Be it the seaside, your favourite mountain area, a faraway country you’ve always wanted to visit or any other destination, choose a place that will keep your spirits high even before it’s time to hit the road. 

Accommodation. If you want to stay in one place, it’s advisable to choose a place you’ll stay at when still at home. If you plan to change locations, a reservation of accommodation for the first night or two might be a wise idea as well. 

Tickets. If you are heading to a faraway location, it’s a good idea to decide on the most suitable means of transportation. Be it a plane, train or any other, it’s never too soon to start searching for the most favourable option. A lot of the time, the tickets get more expensive as the date of departure approaches.  

To-do list. Start compiling a to-do list for your vacations. Clothes you’ll need, vaccination necessary, medications, etc. Start now, so the last days before the departure day won’t be too stressful.

Keep daydreaming. Don’t stop daydreaming. Prepare a traditional drink or food of the place you’re heading to and imagine how it will be in a matter of months.
Get the party started

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