How to get your picky eaters to eat more vitamins


Kids can be frustratingly picky eaters. They can sense a green spinach leaf a mile away and a crunchy carrot has them running for cover. Sometimes you just have to be a bit sneaky and smuggle the healthy stuff where they would least expect it. 

Frozen Yogurt

Instead of ice cream, give your kids a low-fat frozen yogurt, full of calcium and with fewer calories. Add a teaspoon of sprinkles, or decorate it with cut-up fruit.
Idea for picky eaters: Freeze a stick in a kid-size flavored-yogurt cup, and serve it popsicle-style.


If your kids hate spinach, be creative. Hide it into their favorite dishes such as lasagna or meat loaf, or even put it in a sandwich instead of lettuce.
Idea for picky eaters: Do they really hate all green stuff? Try this: bake it into brownies. They'll never figure out there is spinach in them!

Whole-Wheat Bread
Kids will be getting iron, magnesium, zinc as well as fiber. When buying bread, first check the label – whole-wheat flour should be listed as the first ingredient.  One way to make kids eat whole-wheat bread instead of white is to serve it with melted cheese.
Idea for picky-eaters: Use cookie cutters to make finger sandwiches in fun shapes.  Kids will be excited to eat an animal shaped sandwich and won't notice that the bread is of a darker colour. Or mix a few drops of natural colour into cream cheese, add stars made of fruit and sprinkles et voila, unicorn toast.

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C and a great amount of fiber. If your kids won't eat them fresh, chunked, or sliced, try lightly grilling them with a little olive oil.
Idea for picky-eaters: Tiny grape tomatoes are really sweet. With a bit of creative presentation, your kids won't be able to resist it. Transform them into a car with tomato wheels or ladybird decoration on vegetable waffles.

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