Fun Family Workouts You Can Do At Home

How can we make workouts fun for the whole family? How can we make it an enjoyable experience for everyone, add some fun and maybe even healthy competition?We’ve prepared a list of simple workouts you can do with your loved ones. We’ve made sure they not only make everybody healthier and cultivate the right habits, but are also a fun and simple way to spend time together as a family. After all, everything's better together.

1. List favorite exercises of all family members and let each of them lead the workout for 10 minutes. For a family of 3, this already makes for 30 mins of exercise.

PRO TIP! To spice up the workout, you can set up a leaderboard and measure whose workout sessions are most loved by all your family members, who misses the most workouts and who’s always there. You can think of a nice prize at the end of each month for the overall winner, or “MVP” and a little penalty for the last one on the board … Maybe cooking a delicious dinner for everyone?

PRO TIP! If your family is small and you need some extra competition, you can think of inviting your neighbors or relatives to the game. 
2. Sport Easter Eggs! How does that work? You can think of a few exercises you can do as a family: sit-ups, running rounds, 15-min fast walk and write them down on small pieces of paper hidden inside plastic “eggs” - or other items they can open up - around the house. The first exercise for your kids would be to find them. Whoever finds them first can lead the exercise

3. How about a good old party? What’s the best way to release some energy and get everyone moving? Dancing! Always have a playlist ready to be started at anytime, so no opportunity for a good dance is missed. This exercise is our favorite. So much fun and allows us to be spontaneous! In summer, you can host this outside and maybe even invite friends and family.

4. Do you have any favorite fitness gurus? You can all try to follow the routines on YouTube. Just make sure it’s everyone’s pick! You can even vote beforehand. 

PRO TIP! Make exercising a regular event with some fun. By doing so, you can turn it into a nice family tradition that everyone will look forward to!

5. Yoga session for all? If one of the members of your family has some knowledge, you can try out a few simple stretching exercises. We can see so many benefits of this exercise for the whole family: on top of everything else, yoga can help your kids learn to improve concentration. 

PRO TIP! After a workout session, keep your family rewarded! You could organize a tasty, nutritious dinner together followed by a nice movie night. Summer is coming, so how about taking the activities outdoors with comfy pillows and cosy blankets? A wonderful idea to spend precious bonding time together and creating unforgettable memories. 

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