Family (time) is important


Staying home while working a full-time job and homeschooling kids, while also tackling housework and cooking healthy meals is an incredibly But, if it's anything, the new coronavirus outbreak taught us, it is that sending quality time together as a family is important and doesn't have to involve fancy props or expensive activities.

So, what are some acitvities that can make time spent mostly at home easier on everyone? School and homework should come first. Encourage children's independent work, so that you get some time to do your work as well. And when school work is over it’s game time! Show the kids that you are interested in their games. Whether it's video games or board games – show them you're involved and you might be surprised by the outcome. Children will enjoy the fact that you took the time to do something they thought you would never tackle.

Do/make stuff together
Create stuff together. Even simple paper plates can be transformed into fun things, like masks for children (and parents) to play with. Or turn them into a frame for photos, greeting cards for other family members or friends, create decorations, etc.

Cook and bake. Together. Most kids are happy to help in the kitchen. Make a recipe (or take one from a recipe book), take an apron, and start cooking. Even better – let the child pick a recipe and you help them create the chosen dish. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from your child while having fun.

Or have your own theater performance. Imagine being a family of penguins, astronauts or dinosaurs. Define the role of each individual. Everyone should have their own task and text. Record yourselves acting out a play. You can also make little finger puppets. Fun is guaranteed.

Build a fortress or a castle – inside or outside the house. The kids really don't need any extravagant buildings – just ordinary sheets and blankets thrown over some chairs will do. Play with them in this fortress or castle. You can also put up a camp in the backyard.

One of the fun activities is making up a story. Complete the story together. One of the children should start it. The next one goes on to add one sentence. The next one goes on again, etc.

Exercising the right way
People need to stretch their legs daily. Go for a walk, run a little, have a race. You can learn to make paper airplanes and then race them. Do a family bike ride. Make a rope swing and hang it from a tree. Or play tug of war. The options are almost limitless.

At the end of the day, the family can go on a short walk to relax. Some parents call these “pajama walks”. The difference to ordinary walks is basically that there are no conversations and no other activities, just walking and observing the surroundings.

You could also play Hide and Seek in the dark. Or tell scary stories in the dark (if your children are old enough).

And remember: you don’t need a lot of money to have fun with the kids. Being present is far more important than wasting tons of money on many toys, extras, and after-school activities. 

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