Dads Do It Simpler

Being a parent is probably the hardest job on earth. In this post, we would like to praise dads and their very often “ingenious” ways of handling kids. Let us reveal “dad hacks” - our favorite picks of “dads do it simpler” moments that we can all learn from.

1. Bed sheet hammock under your dining table. If you want to create some fun for your kid, securely wrap one of your bed sheets around the table and let them enjoy some hammock hoopla. Easy like Sunday morning!

2. No slide at home or nearby? How about using a cardboard box to slide of the stairs? Fun guaranteed. Supervision advised.

3. Teach brushing teeth with some fun! How about dedicating one song your kid will always brush their teeth to? Choose one that’s 3 minutes long… and encourage them to keep brushing through the whole song! Isn’t that helpful?

4. Taking kids for a car ride to fall asleep. We hear it from many parents - some kids fall asleep quickest while in a car. How about taking an evening spin around the neighborhood? In that way, moms can enjoy some me time at home. Win-win!

5. Making a game out of picking up and organizing toys - for example making it a competition and setting a timer for this activity. Toys were never in place faster! 

6. Going to crowded places? Wear matching outfits! You will easily spot one another - even from far out! Such a simple tip that can solve so much trouble.

7. Save your walls by sticking paper on some to create an endless drawing area for your little artists. Just make it clear which.

8. Hide sweets in vegetable bags. Trust us, nobody will even bother to look for them there.

9. Use any coffee lid as a holder for ice lollies - by this we mean taking a plastic takeaway coffee lid, flipping it upside down and piercing a hole through the middle. Then just simply slide the lolly stick through it and voila! You have a mini tray to capture any melted lolly. This way, your kid’s hands will stay clean and you will save those car seats or couches…

10. Color code the clock to nurture your everyday routines and teach the kid how the clock works in the first place. Genius right?


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