Christmas Spirit Comes To Those Who Prepare For It


It is always a good idea to plan holiday arrangements to avoid unnecessary nerve wars. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for the holidays so that the festive spirit will arrive even before Christmas.

The most common reason why Christmas cleaning at home takes place in an atmosphere of rush and nervousness is the long delay before actual action. Therefore, it is worth developing a plan in advance that will simplify the whole process and ensure that none of the steps (and corners) are missed. Since holidays gather people together it is only right that everyone is involved in holiday cleaning (operations).

Festive cleaning: make space first

Although the first phase of cleaning may prove to be the most time-consuming it will allow you to get rid of unnecessary things and save space. Remove all the items that make your home look like visual chaos. Don’t forget to clean wardrobes, closets, and pantries – surely there are items your family no longer needs – and make space for new ones.

Once you tackle this task, proceed with removing the curtains and cleaning the furniture and carpets. This way you will get rid of most of the dust and your home will gain space and freshness. The next step is to clean the windows and floors and remove visible dirt on the walls or decorative cladding. Then you can happily hang the first Christmas decorations and enjoy them. Children can help you will all tasks – cleaning and decorating ones, they might just need proper motivation (hint: treats).

A helping hand is always welcome. In this case, it can come in the form of Gorenje vacuum cleaner. You can rely on all-time classic model with great vacuuming power or try the new cordless models that give you great flexibility. There are also steam cleaners available that can be used anytime and anywhere as they don't require distilled water; tap water will do quite fine. Steam alone, without any chemicals otherwise used in households, can do away with all the dirt. And that is not all: the steam will also eliminate mites, bacteria, and other allergens, without any damage to the surfaces you are cleaning.

Magic happens in the kitchen

To enjoy preparing and consuming festive food the kitchen should be just perfect. As in other rooms, cleaning begins with sorting the contents of cabinets and drawers. Then wipe them with a solution prepared with dishwashing liquid. Your dishwasher might work overtime for a day or two while it cleans all the plates, glasses, silverware, cutlery, etc.

Another demanding step is to thoroughly clean the refrigerator, oven, and microwave. If you’re not a big fan of mass-produced chemicals you can try trusted and proven home cleaning products. Water with vinegar easily copes in the fight against fats and dried stains that form during cooking. Remove burnt dirt on the bottom of the oven with baking soda. Soda is also a good solution for the refrigerator. After removing the products and defrosting the device, sweep the crumbs and food stains, and then sprinkle the powder over the dried sediments. After removing this type of dirt, wipe the refrigerator interior with a sponge soaked in dishwashing liquid then wipe it dry.
If you don't have a fridge with an ionizer to absorb unpleasant odors, it is also a good idea to leave a plate with a small amount of soda in the fridge.

The next step is to clean the outer surface of furniture, kitchen counter, tiles, and the sink area. For front handles and cabinet handles, where greasy dirt often accumulates, you can use dishwashing liquid that will not damage their structure. To avoid scratching the laminated or lacquered coating, use the soft side of a sponge or cotton cloth. Cleaning kitchen faucets and sinks requires similar safety precautions. Visible traces of limestone appearing on the surface are best cleaned with a mild water solution mixed with cleaning liquid. In the case of hard, difficult to remove deposits use a gauze soaked in vinegar and leave it on the dirty parts for one to two hours – this should help you get the stains out.

Christmas cleaning is indeed a time-consuming task – whether we like it or not. However, it’s worth taking care of sooner than later to ensure a peaceful mood at home before Christmas.

That smell of freshly baked good(ie)s

Of course, there should be no lack of joint sweet family creation in the kitchen during the holidays. Preparation of sweet hot chocolate, warm cider with Christmas spices, baking cookies for Santa and Santa Claus, and preparation of other holiday desserts will make everyone happy. Homemade goodies can also be wonderful holiday gifts.

Look nice, feel nice(r)

The last part of getting the Christmas spirit spot on is to enjoy it. But to do so, one should feel special. The outfit is a big part of it. After cleaning, vacuuming, washing and drying laundry, ironing, and folding it is time to put on your favorite or best outfits to look your absolute best. Happiness follows naturally.

Even some less fortunate stains can’t break the Christmas spirit, especially if you own a new Gorenje WaveActive washing machine. These washing machines use the unique IonTech technology to tackle even the toughest stains with the gentlest care. Using the power of the natural ionization process ensures best washing results without high temperatures, additional chemicals, softeners or other irritants, it prevents the deposit of limescale, which prolongs the machine’s life cycle. So you can spend your time on what’s important.

Enjoy the holidays.

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