6 Steps To Make Your Family More Environmentally-Conscious


It’s really important to pass on this knowledge and consideration for the world around them. What better way to do this than by teaching our kids from a very young age?

Remember - leading by example and showing you care about the environment can help you to cultivate healthy habits that respect the environment within your own family. However, don’t forget to have some fun along the way. Especially with small kids - don’t make them feel that it’s a burden to care about the environment. Show them it’s fun and rewarding!

1. For kids, it’s important to understand the whys! How about you start your sustainability endeavors at home by creating a DIY project of how recycling works? Maybe a map or recycling process to understand what happens when you do it right and what kind of benefits it brings to humankind. 

PRO TIP! You can do this together with your kids - use everything: crayons, paint, cut out images from magazines, old clothing and anything else you can think of!

2. Organize a recycling scavenger hunt for your kids and their friends. Why not head out to the nearest forest or park and let the kids collect all the items that need to be removed or recycled? Maybe even the street around you? You can think of organizing little prizes for the ones who collect the most! Other parents will definitely appreciate you taking care of their kids as well as teaching them about the importance of keeping our planet clean.

3. Reuse batteries from kids’ toys. If you have some toys running on batteries, try using rechargeable ones. If your kids are old enough you can show them how to recharge them instead of throwing the old ones away.

4. Donate toys, books and clothes. Teach your kids the beauty of sharing and recycling by donating! In case you have some books, toys or clothes your kids have grown out of and they are still in good shape, give them a second life by donating them to those who need them more! It’s a very nice idea to reflect on these items as you’re sorting through and how they contributed to your kid’s life by saying little “thank you.” This also teaches your kids more about appreciation, and that it’s always the memories and experiences that are more valuable than material things.

5. Lunch in sustainable packaging. Something as easy as packing your kid’s lunch to school in sustainable boxes or bags will be a nice everyday reminder of taking care for the environment for them. Who knows - maybe other kids will start imitating them and you will kick-start a cool trend at school?

6. Did you ever dream of planting a tree with your family? Even if you don't own a garden, we’re sure your city or area offers plenty of opportunities to plant a tree somewhere. It can be a really wonderful bonding experience and a living memory of your time together. Why not think about giving the tree a name? It’s definitely a story to be told through generations while helping the environment!

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