5 Tech-Free Family Activities At Home

There’s a lot of buzz now about how Silicon Valley parents raise their kids without any technology at all until the age of (at least) 10. Despite the confidence in technology benefits, many parents are concerned about the impact of tech on their kid’s psychological and social development.

According to the recent global study we came across, parents have even more reasons to feel guilty about:

Source: Ozy

Let’s get back to reality though. All mums and dads know it’s not so easy to limit screen time for their kids while we’re all surrounded by technology. Fully avoiding it seems to be a luxury hardly anybody can afford. Sometimes it can be the only helping hand for us to keep kids busy while we need to finish up some chores or catch up with bills.

When push comes to shove, we’re here to help you out - all simplified! Let us suggest 5 simple activities to take your kids away from screens for longer than 5 minutes. 
1. Build A Fort! Use literally everything - your furniture, all the pillows and sheets available at home. Don’t forget to turn up the music while building it up!

Pro Tip!
 If you have enough space in your home (a big cellar or attic), you can try collecting and recycling some old boxes from deliveries or shopping and use them up when you’ve run out of ideas of how to keep your little one busy and entertained!

Such boxes are great not only for building forts, but also castles and anything else your kid might think of. They are also perfect to paint or draw on them. Possibilities of a cardboard box for a kid are endless! What we see as a simple box, they can turn into a spaceship that they will conquer the galaxy with! Or a robot that will do it for them!
2. Cook a dinner together! Try something completely new that neither you nor your kid has had before. Find a simple recipe and divide the tasks. Remember to engage everyone in your family and give a task to everyone. Celebrate little moments together, with no hurry.
If you need an idea for a simple recipe, that you can prepare with the little ones, you can start with our five ingredients or less recipes here.
Remember to celebrate every moment with your family: from preparing the food, to eating it together and even cleaning! 
3. Chalk is magic! What can you do with it? 

Good old Hopscotch. Kids have been playing this for hundreds of years now and it never goes out of fashion. Fun guaranteed!

Chalk Maze
. Let your kid(s) design and draw colorful maze that they can later on walk, run, cycle or even roll through. Give your kid(s) some outdoor space to draw and let their imagination run free! Just make sure you have a hose with running water nearby to clean the surface in case your neighbors complain - or just wait for rain to come. 

Alphabet Hop.
 Learning and playing at the same time! Call out letters or whole words for kids to jump to. Make it a race!
4. Go green! Encourage kids to get outside and grow their own mini-garden. If you have even a small outdoor area, you can create your kid’s own patch where they can plant and look after flowers, their favorite veggies or get creative with a rockery they can decorate in any way they wish. This could be by painting rocks, crafting mini windmills and anything else their imagination comes up with.

Not only a great way to have more family quality time, but even to teach young ones about gardening, the environment, encourage more healthy eating (if they grew it themselves, it’s much more likely they’ll enjoy the results!) and even more responsibility of looking after their own space. Plus, what kid doesn’t like to get their hands dirty!

5. Design and make your own costume! Who doesn’t like to be dressed up as their favorite superhero or book character? Unlock your kid’s creativity and let them design and make their own dress-up for the day. Why not even put on a catwalk to show off the finished products for the rest of the family, and vote on favorites! Maybe there’s even a prize for the most inventive...

Pro Tip!
 Instead of buying a ready-made dress-up, collect any off-cuts, old clothes your kids may have outgrown and any other craft materials they could use and save it for a rainy day. Let your kids upcycle all this material into a costume from their own imagination.
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