10 Unconventional Outdoor Activities For This Spring And Summer

1. If the weather’s good enough, try camping in your backyard. Have a family adventure without leaving your home grounds! The experience of setting up a tent together, bringing your favorite toys and snacks with you and even cooking outdoors (just use your BBQ) can make you feel you’re somewhere further from home, without the stress of travel and even forgetting something. Don’t forget to bring some blankets to cosy up together!

2. Picnic in the park. Prepare some easy-to-eat dishes together before heading out to somewhere peaceful among the nature for a picnic. Invite some friends and their children to bring everyone together. This way you can also lighten the load and ask everyone to bring one dish - it’ll also save on the task of cleaning up afterwards!

3. Treasure hunt. Every child loves a treasure hunt, and they’re so easy to set up! Just reserve an evening for yourself to get creative with clues (and to hide things around the home while they’re asleep), and you can take the time for yourself while they search and play. You also don’t need to get mountains of sweet treats, you could hide their favorite toys and have just one treat as the grand prize!
4. Hot air baloon flight. This one will take some planning, but is an amazing, lifetime experience! The weather is clearing so the views are likely to be spectacular, and it will be an adventure you won’t forget.

5. Pick your own fruit at the farm and make marmalade out of it later. Spring is the time to visit local farms who open up their fields to the public to pick their own crops (you can find your nearest with a quick online search!). You can make a day out of it by planning to make homemade marmalade from the fruit you pick as a family. It tastes so much better to children when they made it themselves - from scratch!

6. Water Balloon Baseball. If you’re lucky enough with the weather, why not go a little crazy with a game of water balloon Baseball? Keep cool and have a good laugh together - just remember to make sure everyone’s wearing old clothes they don’t mind getting wet!

7. Car wash fun day. Yes, you can get your car cleaned and still keep the kids entertained! Just turn what would be a chore into something fun. Make sure there’s loads of bubbles and laughs. Maybe you can create some fun, colorful sponges with old toys to encourage your kids to get washing!

8. Host mini olympics with friends. Get competitive with your own Olympic games… in the backyard! You don’t need to stick to the classic running and jumping, you can invent your own games together and even create your own DIY medals and awards! It’ll get everyone moving and making the most of the warmer weather.

9. Host a dance party. Everyone loves a dance, but maybe there’s not much chance to let loose when you have a family to look after, so why not host your own party? Invite friends and families to suggest songs for an epic playlist everyone will enjoy, as well as some drinks and snacks and party like it’s 1999!


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