10-Minute Stress Relievers For Busy Parents

Stressed parents are unhappy parents. We have thought long and hard on how to bring some relief to those "I can't anymore" moments. Before you snap, here is a selection of 10-minute or more (if you have time) stress relievers that can help manage a little family crisis. Let us know what works best for you. We like them simple, don’t you agree?

1. A moment for your mind. First one is almost a no brainer. Meditation. Believe it or not - it can really calm you down and make you refocus quite quickly. If you can, make your kids busy for a couple of minutes. Sit down, relax, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Even for just a couple of minutes. It can work miracles but the key is not to think about your tasks and to-do’s. Try to switch off completely.

2. Countdown to calmness. If you’ve had enough and need a super fast and simple remedy, try counting down from 50 and take a deep breath after the count is done. That trick just always works.
3. Sweat it out. If it’s possible to squeeze into your day’s schedule, go for a quick run round the block or do a 10-minute workout without anyone disturbing you. Even a short walk can do. Just a bit of exercise to clear your mind of negative and stressful thoughts. If you’re a happy parent of a toddler, you can combine it with a nice stroll with the baby pram.

4. Wash away the stress. Take a short bath and don’t forget to dim the lights, light up some wonderfully-scented candles and add a few drops of relaxing essential oils to your tub.

5. Coloring books are only for kids? You couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a lot of hype and availability of adult coloring books right now. Just borrow some crayons from your kid and get going on filling beautiful shapes with life. We swear by the relaxing effect of this one.

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