Small changes that will make your home feel like new


You know that exciting feeling of a new home? When you just love its every corner? You don't have to pay a fortune to redecorate or even move to fall in love with your home all over again. All it takes is a few of these budget-friendly ideas and your home will look brand new. 

1. Potted plants. A potted plant doesn't just change the way a room looks, it also purifies the air, making your home a healthier place. If you're not exactly known for your green thumb, go for low maintenance plants like spider plants, aloe or peace lilies.

2. Bedding. New bedding will instantly change the way your bedroom looks, whether you choose bold geometrical patterns or gentle pastel tones.

3. New paint. A fresh coat of paint can make the world of a difference and it doesn't cost much. You don't even have to paint the entire home, just one room or even one wall will be enough to bring a new feel to your place. 

4. Photographs. Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than family photographs. Using images in similar photo styles (for example all black and white images) will make the display feel more unified. If you need to save space, consider using collage frames that allow you to put multiple images into one frame. 

5. Wall decals are another way to freshen up your rooms. They're especially suitable for playrooms and kids bedrooms, since they can be easily removed and replaced by new ones. So when your kids grow out of their dinosaur phase, you can simply replace them with robots, spaceships or whatever else they like. 

6. Pillows and blankets. Pillows and blankets are the easiest, most subtle way to introduce a new colour into your home. Not to mention how cozy they are!

7. Accessorize. Accessories are an easy way to change the look and feel of a room. For instance, a few new dishcloths, kitchen utensils or a stylish new blender will add a new flair to the kitchen without breaking the bank.  

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