One very stylish appliance. Wait, two actually.


A brand new 2-in-1 appliance boasting outstanding design and super convenient performance, set to simplify everyday life even further. It's very much the latest trend in the world of kitchen appliances. It's a combination of two powerful appliances into one, saving space and fitting beautifully into your kitchen. It creates open living spaces with no hood blocking the line of vision, offering loads of design solutions, often cost effective. Hood-in-hob also known as air venting hob or hob with integrated extractor is designed for removing those annoying cooking vapours and odours before they even really appear. It does so by drawing the air directly at the hobs surface, from the pot, frying pan or grill.

The hood from Gorenje hood-in-hob works at air speed 8.3 m/s with maximum airflow 711 m3/h and sound power at maximal speed 68 dB which equals a normal conversation, and the hob enables cooking with AreaFlex and KeepWarm features among others. This appliance is very easy to install, leaving enough space in the kitchen cabinets as its pipes (depending whether it works on extraction or recirculation principle) take less space than the usual ones. 

Cleaning is incredibly simple - just wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth, then go over it every now and then with some glass cleaner. Every once in a while you'll need to remove the condensation liquid, but also liquids resulting from accidental spills during cooking, from the hoods container which is placed under the appliance and easily accessible. Also the anti-grease filter and the grease drip tray are easily removable from the right side of the hood.

Gorenje hood-in-hob is extremely safe to work with. You can't forget the gas is on, and you can't burn your hands. While with glass ceramic hobs the whole cooking zone heats up, with induction only the pots warms, making it the safest option around. 

This product was designed with the everyday person in mind, taking into consideration function, affordability and efficiency. It looks amazing so it definitely counts as an eye candy when you first see it.

Induction hobs in tune with your cooking style

Whether preparing a meal for yourself or cooking for the whole family, Gorenje OmniFlex induction hobs deliver a truly streamlined cooking experience every time. With a myriad of finely tuned features that simplify your interaction with the cooking surface, preparing meals has never been more simple, intuitive or convenient.

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