Is your freezer in top shape?


When is the last time you check the temperature setting in your freezer? Cleaned the sealing? What about the ice deposits? Freezer maintenance can seem complicated, so we compiled this checklist to help you keep your freezer and your frozen food in perfect shape. 

1. Temperature. Check the temperature setting on your freezer: your food will stay fresh the longest at a temperature of -18 °C or lower. The eco function will also keep your energy use in check.

2. Sealing. Clean the sealing regularly with a soft damp cloth or a mild detergent. Use the banknote test to determine if the sealing works properly: if you can easily remove a banknote inserted between the freezer and the door sealing, it needs to be replaced. 

3. Frost. Freezers with the NoFrost feature will defrost automatically, but if you have a static freezer, you will have to do it manually when the frost deposits reach 3 to 5 mm thickness. 

4. Location. The freezer should be placed in a cool and dry area, where the temperature is as stable as possible. Even small changes in temperature can cause the formation of ice crystals in the food and lessen its quality.

5. Door. Keep it closed as much as possible to make sure the temperature remains constant. Make a list of the stock you keep in the freezer and which compartment you stored it in to ensure you can find it quickly. 

Need freshness? No problem

Gorenje IonGeneration fridge freezers are designed for maximum freshness. Their IonAir with MultiFlow 360˚ technology continuously refreshes the air to simulate the natural microclimate and provide perfect storage conditions. 

With smart, user-friendly functions they seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle. No matter how often you open the fridge door, AdaptTech maintains the optimal temperature and keeps your food in perfect shape, while the NoFrost Plus cooling system prevents the accumulation of frost and eliminates defrosting. Now also available with the integrated HiddenHandle.

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