How to make household chores drama-free

Sometimes we crave for the drama in our lives. But when it comes to housekeeping, everyone wants things to go as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Here are a few characteristics that you should look for in home appliances if you want to reduce the household drama in your life.

1. Automation. One of the solutions for less drama in your kitchen are programmes and functions that use sensor technology to transform every user into a star chef or a skilled housekeeper.

Be it a microwave which automatically adjusts the cooking power and duration according to the type of food and its weight; an induction hob that automatically detects the pot’s position and size; or a dishwasher with sensor technology that adapts the dishwashing programme to the level of dirtiness of your dishes, choose home appliances that will help you to a drama-free state of mind.

2. Adaptive technology. Solutions that recognize a user's lifestyle and adapt to it are a lifesaver. The fridge that knows when you'll be opening the door and lowers the temperature before you do will keep your food fresh longer. A light sensor on the kitchen hood can detect when you're standing in front of the hob and automatically turn on the light for you. 
Having an oven with a technology that memorizes your temperature setting for each present programme and suggests the most recent or the most frequently used setting the next time you use it, will save you plenty of time.

3. Intuitive functions. What can be better than a home appliance that is easy-to-use? Look for appliances with automatic pre-sets of the programmes and functions, automatic operations, and easier manual adjustments.

Intuitive graphics can often mean much more than detailed descriptions of each function. Look for collections or individual pieces that put the customer and their experience first.

Life can sometimes get dramatic. Thankfully, at least Gorenje Simplicity home appliances are completely drama-free with sleek and clean looks, a flawless user experience, and amazing value for money:  

Adaptive technology that recognizes the user's needs or habits
Automatic programmes deliver perfect results everytime
Intuitive one-step controls ensure ease of use for seasoned users as well as newcomers

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