How to keep your floors clean with minimum effort


Clean floors can really make a difference, even at times when your home is not exactly what you would call picture-perfect tidy. And keeping them that way doesn't even have to take a lot of time with these simple steps.

1. Keep the mud out. Place doormats at each entrance to your home or insist on a 'no-shoe' policy in your family's home to avoid muddy and wet footprints around the house. 

2. Pet friendly. Regularly brushing your pet will significantly reduce the amount of hair on the floor or on your furniture. You could also keep an old towel near the entrance so that you can wipe their paws when you get home from a rainy walk. 

3. The handheld vacuum is your friend. It allows you to easily clean any little mess immediately, so that it doesn't spread over the entire room. Also, making the kids eat their snack at the table (at least most of the time) instead of elsewhere aroung the house will save you plenty of clean up time.  

Extra tip: the vacuum cleaner can also help you pick up a stray lego piece or a lost earring from under the couch or any other hard to reach place. Just put an old pair of tights on the hose, fix them with an elastic band and turn on the suction power. The tights will prevent the items to be sucked into the vacuum cleaner's bag or container. 

Friendly to you, brutal to dust

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