8 Brilliant Tricks To Simplify Ironing

Ironing - either you love it or you hate it. It’s definitely a chore that can take up quite a lot of your precious time. Take a look at a few tricks that will streamline this task and let you save some time for more leisurely activities.

1. First and foremost, make sure you shake and air out your clothes that are fresh out of your washing machine. This way, you can save from ironing some items at all. Simple straightening before drying will work miracles with some of your clothes.

2. Start with ironing the most delicate clothes and finish with the ones that need highest temperature. In this way you don’t need to switch the temperature but just increase it gradually.

3. How about ironing just one side of your clothes? If it’s enough for your clothes to look great on one side, don’t bother ironing the other side. By doing this, you can preserve the item for longer.

4. Whenever possible, iron items inside-out. This will prevent your clothes from getting that shiny look.
5. If you happen to have really hard-to-straighten wrinkles, use a bit of water and vinegar mixed together 1:1.

6. Cover your ironing board with aluminium foil. The foil is a great carrier of heat and by ironing one side, you can make sure the other is treated as well.

7. Think about investing in a washing machine with steam technology. Steam treatment will loosen up the fibres and minimize wrinkes.

8. In case you happen to burn your clothes a bit, vinegar should be able to remove the stain. Make sure to wash it with cold water later on.
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