5 ways washing with steam will make your life simpler

We know doing the laundry is not on top of your list and steam programmes can be a big help! Here's how washing with steam programmes will make laundry simpler:

1. Less ironing. If ironing isn't exactly your favourite pastime, you'll love steam programmes! They will minimize wrinkles and ensure your clothes are smooth even without ironing. Just don't forget to remove them from the washer as soon as the cycle is finished.

2. Eliminate odours. Washing machines with steam programmes can remove unpleasant odours more efficiently than regular washing machines, while still being extremely gentle to the fabric.

3. Save money on softener. Who doesn't love to save money? With the additional steam treatment, your clothes will be extra soft and you won't even have to buy softener.
4. Less bacteria and allergens. Steam has a high temperature that ensures impurities are removed more efficiently. But because the fabric doesn't get soaked in hot water like it would in a regular high-temperature cycle, it's properties remain the same and it doesn't get damaged.
5. Refresh clothes. Sometimes your clothes are actually clean, but just need a bit of freshening up: for example a jacket after you've been to a busy restaurant. Special steam programmes can save you the trip to the dry cleaners' and refresh even your most sensitive garments in less than 30 minutes with no additional chemicals.
Gorenje WaveActive washing machines are made to get the dirty work done in an effective, easy-to-handle and eco-friendly manner.

WaveActive washing features include cutting-edge cleaning technologies:

Uniquely designed drum with special wave-shaped 3D ribs for the softest garments treatment
IonTech using the power of ions, thus ensuring optimum washing results
SteamTech effectively rehydrating and breaking down the dirt

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