5 simple maintenance tips for your washing machine


If calling the washing machine service repairman isn't exactly your idea of fun, we recommend at least some basic maintenance every now and then. Here are a few simple tips on how to take care of your washing machine to make sure it will work flawlessy for many years to come. 

Leave the door and the dispenser drawer slightly open after washing. This will allow the washing machine to dry completely and prevent any bad smells. Clean the dispenser drawer once a month under running water.

Run an empty cycle with vinegar at least once a month. Use a self-cleaning program like SterilTub (if this is an option on your washing machine) or just run a hot cycle (at 95 °C). Vinegar in combination with hot water removes limescale and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Don't overload it. Different programmes work best with different loads, so check the instructions to see which load is appropriate for your chosen programmme. If you are washing heavily stained clothes, we recommend you only load the washer to 2/3. 

Don't overdose the detergent. More detergent doesn't necessarily mean cleaner clothes. The result can be quite the opposite: because the concentration of detergent is to high, the clothes are not rinsed properly and detergent residue can cause irritations and allergies.  

Clean the filter. Cleaning the filter at least three times a year will prolong the life of your washing machine and save you the hassle of unclogging the filter during the washing cycle (think Noah's arc).

Gorenje WaveActive washing machines are made to get the dirty work done in an effective, easy-to-handle and eco-friendly manner. 

WaveActive washing features include cutting-edge cleaning technologies: 

  • Uniquely designed drum with special wave-shaped 3D ribs for the softest garments treatment
  • IonTech using the power of ions, thus ensuring optimum washing results 
  • SteamTech effectively rehydrating and breaking down the dirt

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