5 reasons why you need a bigger fridge

Fridge is an important appliance in every kitchen. It helps you keep butter at the right temperature, it perfectly cools down a bottle of your favourite white wine and makes your vegetables fresh and crispy for a longer period of time. Have you been contemplating about a bigger fridge? We can give you at least five reasons why a bigger fridge is a brilliant idea.

1. More time.
To reduce the frequency of your visits to the nearest supermarket, a bigger fridge is the right solution. It can easily happen that your weekly visits to the store will transform into visits once a fortnight. Now, you can dedicate the extra time to your hobbies or your closest ones.

2. Better organization and less food waste. Research shows that a lot of food is wasted simply because it's forgotten somewhere in the fridge behind other food items. A bigger fridge will enable you to organize its contents and have a better overview over them, so you'll always know what's on stock.
3. More space for meal prep. During busy weekdays, having a meal ready to consume is precious. A big fridge enables you to safely store prep meals for a day or two.

4. Bigger freezer.
 Bigger fridge normally means a bigger freezer as well. You can cook a large amount of stew, make lasagne for a crowd or bake pie in large quantities to freeze and have a ready-made meal. It’s always good to have some extra food ready if you don’t have much time for a meal preparation. 

5. Family gatherings simplified. If you're the one that's always hosting all the events for friends and family, your fridge is sure to be bursting at the seams. If you had a bigger fridge, you’d be more relaxed while shopping all the necessary ingredients and preparing delicacies for a lovely spring barbeque or party night at your home.
Need freshness? No problem

Gorenje IonGeneration fridge freezers are designed for maximum freshness. Their IonAir with MultiFlow 360˚ technology continuously refreshes the air to simulate the natural microclimate and provide perfect storage conditions. 

With smart, user-friendly functions they seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle. No matter how often you open the fridge door, AdaptTech maintains the optimal temperature and keeps your food in perfect shape, while the NoFrost Plus cooling system prevents the accumulation of frost and eliminates defrosting. Now also available with the integrated HiddenHandle.

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