Friendly to you, brutal to dust

Top-performing Gorenje G·Force vacuum cleaners boast extremely low energy consumption and highly efficient yet hassle-free and super silent cleaning performance. 

Easy to handle and transport, ergonomically designed new vacuum cleaners, available in ranges G·Force Lite, G·Force Plus and G·Force Pro, have active bumpers and rubberized wheels, making them more furniture-friendly, so you can be sure that all you collect is dust and dirt on the ground, not chipping or damaging sensitive floors, furniture or wall corners along the way. Thanks to the innovative XpandZone brush with ergonomically designed X-shaped double dust pickup channel, you can expect faster and more effective dust pickup.

G·Force vacuum cleaners come in bag or bagless options and in different colour combinations, suitable for any taste. They guarantee superb vacuuming results and clean air (thanks to HEPA filtration), which will be especially appreciated by people who live with lively kids, adults and/or pets … or just anyone who needs a smart solution for a quickly clean home. 

Discover the products

G·Force Lite

Make your vacuuming simplified! The X-shaped double dust pickup channel of universal XpandZone brush increases the area that captures dust from carpets, hard surfaces and parquet.

G·Force Plus

This vacuum cleaners deliver optimal cleaning performance. Roboust ActiveBumper protects both the furniture and the appliance, leaving you with one thing fewer to worry about.

G·Force Pro

For perfect performance Pro range models come with the highly responsive TouchControl LED illuminated display with five preset programmes to choose from when deciding which suction power is the most suitable for a specific type of surface.
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